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Travel, Home, and Hope

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In the beginning there was only the great spirit. The great spirit was not self aware, it had nothing else to be aware of.  In order to be aware, the Great Spirit split itself into two. These two have been seen as many throughout history, light/dark, yin-yan, Mother/Father, Earth/Sky. After the initial split, those two halves endeavored to know themselves and the universe in fullness. As a result those two halves split themselves further and futher until the first "souls" were created. Those souls then endeavored to learn and grow, to know the universe and themselves in fullness, as a result the natural process of evolution followed. From a planet of molten mineral we grew into human beings, being self aware. 

This is an adaptation of one version of my creation myth, changed for copyright reasons here. 

Some rather odd things have happened in the last 24 hours that have reaffirmed my faith in the dieties that I choose.

1. At the convention that I was at, several people skipped out on paying (some of them we didnt expect to pay) for their portion of the hotel room. After finding out that this happened, a sum of money from my old job found its way to our bank account, making up for the difference in what people should have owed.

2. Our first flight was delayed almost an hour, we landed in the seccond city, ran to the gate, to find that this flight was delayed as well, not for weather or other delayed flights, but because the flight team wasn't on board yet. We had just enough time to eat, board and have our luggage make it to the correct plane! Had it not been delayed that five minutes I wouldnt have had my clothes or soap. 

3. We get to the airport in time to catch the last 100 bus to catch the last 1M bus to make it home.

I know that these may seem like small things, but they happen to me on a nearly daily basis. Perhaps it is only my own delusion, but I have never been this lucky. I would have called myself unlucky before hand, now that I have chosen these dieties things happen in some interesting ways.

Two years ago my right hand was covered in nearly 30 warts and blisters and callouses, I hid it, and refused to shake hands with my right hand, even worse I was right handed, it severly impeded me socially, now I have NONE of them, not even any scars from them. It's weird. I had tried every cure known to man. I had started getting them when I stepped on this weird bug in Lousiville Ky when I was 11. I started getting them on my feet and hands, eventually it was just the bottom of my left foot and my right hand, now I have none. Getting rid of them before was painful and usually left scars. 

Two Years ago I was in the hospital every few weeks and in ICU at least once every 6 months, now I havent had to go to the Doctor for asthma at all in two years. I am unmedicated, and breathing fine. It's amazing. Part of this I can attribute to an experimental drug that I was taking because the doctors didnt know what else to do with me. The rest I attribute to my new faith. 

There have been several near misses on traffic accidents, slips and falls, and other mishaps that were only avoided by something strange like getting lost in a PARKING LOT, forgetting something like a purse, hesitating when I wouldnt have normally.

In the end, today I am home healthy and safe, and have my faith reaffirmed. 

Here is to remembering old friends (I miss St. Louis)

I love you!!!

Amy (even though you're a bitch)
Ryan S.
Dean (proof that even nerds can be cool sometimes)

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