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Of · Drinking · Deeply, · Passion, · and · all · that · is.

I feel like dancing.

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Starting next Monday I am starting an 8 week regimen to lose weight, get in shape, and be ready to actually start Aikido. It is a rapid ramp-up, but it is supposed to have you ready to do a Triathalon in 8 weeks. I'm very excited about it. I wish I had someone to do it with me. At the same time that I am starting this regimen, I will also begin dieting (sigh). No more soda, no more fried food :(. At least I will be able to do a triathalon.

I hope it makes me attractive (in my own eyes). I know that other people find me attractive, but I don't like the way I look, I think that I could look a lot better.

Goals -
Lose 60lbs (regardless of what you [dear reader] may think I could stand to lose it.)
Run 5 miles
Bike for at least 2 hours at a pace of 25mph or more.
Be a size 10 (Stupid Child Bearing Hips)
Lose one cup size of breast-i-tude. (that will come with losing weight, I hope- my back hurts so bad right now)

My House is supporting me in doing so, which makes me happy.

Today was good at work, I had to stay an hour late due to the Manager Meeting, but I should be a manager soon, and then all of this will be remedied.

Having one job instead of two is nice.

Happy prairie dog!
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