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Maelstrom of Emotion

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Tommorrow starts everything. Diet, Exercise, Working on Goals. I’m really excited about a few of them.

1.       Lose 60lbs as mentioned before.

2.       Learn Japanese and Spanish fluently

3.       Join an Aikido Class

4.       Being more active with Charity things.

5.       Spending more time with Dominic.

I have lately been figuring out a lot about myself. I am capable of Jealousy, but not in the romantic sense. I was jealous of Xast because of his social prowess, I can’t understand how no one seems to notice or care about me (except for my group of closest friends).  He can be psychotic, yet people seem drawn to him. I like myself, and belive that I have qualities that would allow others to like me, yet people break promises to me, don’t respond to e-mails, and cancel trips that have been planned for a long time.  I seem to have some sort of odd social obfuscate.  I have litterally sat in Game and said “Hello” as loud as I could to someone walking past (several times with several different someones) and am universally ignored. Am I just that unobtrusive? I would hope not.

I am very tired, I was scheduled 6 days this week and about 51 Hours. I am starting to diet tomorrow.


My dreams have been weird lately. I am thinking of getting back into a tradition that I have been out of for a while. (vague for a reason).

Depressed – Chris wont be able to make it.

Happy – Working to plan a trip to Baton Rouge.

Lonely – Self Reflecting

I am becoming the Hermit – not sure how I will handle this. :D


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